What Are The Side Effects Of Hair Transplant Surgery

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Are you planning for Hair Transplant Surgery? Are you afraid of its side effects? Hair transplant is very common now-a-days, many people going through hair loss opt for hair transplant surgery and many of them are very happy with results.

Hair transplant has helped many to regain their confidence and good looks. However, there might be some side effects of the hair transplant. These side effects are usually minor and may clear up within a few weeks which may include infection, bleeding, and swelling of the scalp, itching, inflammation or infection, a crust that forms on the areas of the scalp, bruising around the eyes.etc. So it is always advised to talk to your doctor about the side effects before you go for hair transplant.

It is a hair replacement treatment which helps to permanently restore the hair by transplanting new follicles in that particular site where your hair is thinning or balding. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. The healthy follicles are removed from the back of the head usually known as the donor area during the hair transplant surgery, which is then implanted in the area where you have less hair or the bald area. The two most popular technique of hair transplant include FUE and FUT. FUE technique results in less pain and scars as compared to FUT technique.

10 Side effects of Hair Transplant Surgery are as follows :

There are some that are common, while some are uncommon; some are temporary and some last for a longer period of time. We’ve enumerated below most common side effects are discussed here:

1. Hair Shedding

When you get a hair transplant, you would think that your hair would only grow and become thicker. However, the truth is that a lot of people will actually have to deal with fall first. This process is actually known as shedding and is a normal process after transplantation.

This happens because the root get intact and the hair shaft fall down an growth starts from root again. The transplanted hairs fall out in 2-3 weeks and the new growth becomes visible by 3-4 months. Sometimes in a few cases there can be shock loss of the existing hair because of the surgery.

This is rare and will regrow back within a few months. We at AK Clinics, routinely explain this to our patients in our pre-op counselling.

2. Bleeding

Whether you are getting a follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction, there are bound to be some cuts and nicks, and there is bound to be some blood loss. While most experienced doctors will ensure that the blood loss is minimised to the minimum possible still there might be some ooze in the post-op period that can be controlled by pressing a gauze piece.

So it is important that the patient should share if they are taking any blood thinning medicines or suffering with any bleeding related problem. We hardly ever encounter this problem.

3. Infections

If you have chosen a good doctor, you can be sure that you will not have to face any infections, but even with the best of facilities there might be some infection for which a short course of antibiotics is required. We’ve actually very rarely seen such problem in patients at AK Clinics.

4. Pain

A hair restoration procedure, FUE or FUT is a surgical process and there is bound to be some amount of pain, especially in FUT. While in most cases, the doctor will administer sedatives and anaesthesia, however there are rare cases, where there is pain even after the procedure has completed.

The doctor will prescribe you some painkillers to avoid this in the post-op period. Sometimes patients might have stretching sensation in FUT cases. In our patients, we just prescribe paracetamol for such situation ever faced. To know more details on Hair transplantation visit Bigintmedia

5. Itching

This is perhaps the most common side effect and is something that is experienced that a majority of people who undergo a hair transplant. The itching takes place because of the formation of scabs at the transplant site.

The easiest method of handling this situation is to keep spraying the solution given over the grafts and wash the scalp with a mild or medication shampoo after the initial week of surgery. The itching too, as is the case with other side effects, will vanish over the period of a few days. Sometimes, it is caused by the use of minoxidil as well which has to be stopped.

6. Swelling

This is yet another side effect that is very common and is seen in a majority of people who have undergone the process. However, the sites of swelling might vary from person to person. So while some people might have swelling on their forehead, for others it might be around their eyes.

In certain cases, there might be even what you would call a black eye. Normally, the swelling tends to subside in a few days, however, if the same does not happen in a few days, it would be best to meet a doctor. But at AK Clinics, we have devised a special technique because of which there is hardly any swelling.

7. Numbness

The numbness is often attributed to the cutting of nerves in FUT procedure. However, at our clinic, we remain in the superficial plane avoiding any nerve damage and hence numbness.

8. Scarring

If you have undergone an FUE, then you will have tiny micro scars, which will disappear in a few weeks. In addition, when new hair grows, these dot like marks will get hidden.

However, if you have undergone an FUT, then you are bound to have a linear scar, but with proper hair growth and an intelligently decided style, you will have nothing to worry about. In FUE, at AK Clinics, we take out one graft and leave the other to avaoid formation of linear scar.

9. Cysts

This happens when there are buried grafts that are not taken out properly. While most of the times, these cysts appear in the form of a cluster of pimples, there are only rare few cases, wherein they take on a more aggravated form.

Generally, these cysts disappear in a few weeks, but if they do not, then you might have to make another trip to your doctor. We, at AK Clinics, take care while extraction of grafts that we do not leave back any buried hair.

10. Hiccups

While it might sound odd, hiccups are yet another side effect that might plague certain patients of hair restoration. This is a very rare side effect and normally lasts only a few days.

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What Are The Major Benefits Of Hair Transplant Surgery


Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure to cover the bald areas of the scalp. In this surgery, permanent roots are taken out from the back of the scalp, or beard or body hard sometimes, and planted in the bald areas of the head. Slowly, these roots sprout new and naturally growing hair. It is a minimally invasive procedure which is relatively safe and hassle-free if done properly.

As said earlier, hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure done under local anaesthesia. The only painful part is the anaesthesia injection – and that is a very mild discomfort, and even less so with experienced hands and correct technique. Most patients rate the surgical pain 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 – with 1 being not painful and 10 extremely painful.

Major Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery are as follows :

1. Hair transplant surgery is changing lives and helping individuals look more youthful by time. Each one of those individuals who have lost their hair would now be able to turn around the procedure through hair transplant surgery. It is the perfect answer for men searching for a more young and alluring appearance.

Many individuals lose their certainty on account of exorbitant male pattern baldness and therefore their own and expert lives endure. Hair medical procedure can enable you to move back the years and give you the appearance that you want. Balding is something that is extremely normal in men, everybody sooner or later or alternate experiences it. Be that as it may, now you have a progressive arrangement available to you.

We should talk about the different advantages of hair transplant surgery. Natural Process A few people have reservations about hair inserts and they consider it a risky procedure. Be that as it may, as indicated by restorative specialists this is absolutely false in light of the fact that hair transplants are totally sheltered and regular.

No unique chemicals or prescriptions are utilized as a part of this procedure that may harm your hair. Among all the hair developing techniques hair transplant surgeries are the most characteristic.

2. After a hair transplant is done, one is required to have the persistence that nature likewise anticipates from us for characteristic hair development. The outcomes are good to the point that dominant part of the general population won’t have the capacity to tell that you got a hair transplant.

Go away with Balding When you complete a hair transplant you can state farewell to all your hair related issues. You won’t need to stress over a subsiding hairline or uncovered spots on your head since hair transplant medical procedure can take care of all issues.

Thanks to best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, even these people can develop their hair gently. The outcomes from hair transplant surgeries are exceedingly viable and you are probably not going to see thinning up top once more. The hair development after a transplant won’t be in the same class as how it was normally yet it will be near it.

3. Individuals who go bald at an early age are by and large taken a gander at in an adverse way by other individuals. These individuals might be liable to jokes from partners and others. This kind of treatment can bring down your confidence and influence you to feel more seasoned than you really are. Hair transplant helps transplant DHT safe hair follicles to the required zone. For more information on Hair Transplantation check Icadl2013

Hair transplant surgery will give you a full head of hair and furthermore restore your lost certainty. You will look and feel better as well. Low Maintenance Another advantage of hair transplant surgery is that you get hair that is exceptionally sensible. Transplanted hair works simply like your normally developed hair so you don’t have to apply any uncommon shampoos or chemicals to keep up its thickness.

Hair transplantation is likewise a onetime procedure. You won’t need to visit the specialist over and over. Transplanted hair by and large endures forever so it is definitely justified even despite the cost.

4. Financially savvy Individuals may surmise that how is hair transplant surgery financially savvy. Despite the fact that the majority of the notable hair rebuilding methods have a tendency to be very expensive, the same can’t be said for a hair transplant medical procedure.

On the off chance that you consider the expenses of different medications you will understand that those expenses are albeit little yet ceaseless. Over a drawn out stretch of time the expenses of transitory arrangements will surpass that of a hair transplant.

In the event that you need a long haul and lasting answer for your hairlessness at that point consider hair transplant in Andheri West. Enhanced looks A large portion of the general population will reveal to you that one of their fundamental purposes behind doing as such is that thinning up top influenced them to feel disillusioned with the way they look.

5. With this sort of system, such people are furnished with the chance to fill their thinning up top fixes and enhance their looks, which will influence them to feel more appealing and sure.

A lasting cure Dissimilar to the majority of the topical medications utilized for thinning up top issues, or even the extensive variety of all-encompassing techniques offered by various specialists, a hair transplant system offers seek after those agony from such conditions, with the most solid and changeless arrangement. Once the specialist is through, that is essentially it. Go for hair transplant in Mumbai if you are getting bald and avail these above benefits to get a permanent solution.

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