Keyword Research Tools For Gaining SEO Benefits

This is one of a kind tool which takes the keyword data directly from Google. Though we are all aware Google keeps much of the things to it and has that surprise element to keep everyone guessing, still this tool more or less gives very accurate results. This tool is available free of cost for everyone where it also provides the AdWords search volume for you to make an assessment so as to make a selection of the right keyword for you. Added to this, the tool also provides the metrics on the particular keyword that we select.

Also, through the handy export feature here you get a cluster of keywords which can be further analyzed to judge the suitability for your SEO Campaign Strategy. These can be further analyzed to come to the more specific keywords phrases which can give you SEO benefits in your SEO campaign. For Digital Marketing Agency Check Vivid Digital 

The added advantages of the tool:

A. Exhaustive keyword research.

B. High-level Keywords grouping.

C. Provides feature to export keywords.

D. Makes you think and come up with newer keywords related to your business.

E. Comes with the estimation of a keyword phrase.

F. Comes up with search data targeting from the geographical point of view

Answer the Public

Taking a clue from Google Autosuggest, with the answer the Public tool you can easily come up with innumerable key terms or keywords after studying the search terms that your potential customers or people are using. This is more of a visual keyword research tool where it provides search phrases in terms of questions.

This tool can be helpful in a couple of ways:

A. Motivates you to think about creating new content and gives you ideas for the same.

B. Preempts what your customers must be searching.

C. Gives a visual representation to search terms.

The Reddit Keyword research tool

The Keyword research tool extracts the data and the terms directly from Reddit.

The alternate keyword tool brings out the phrases which will define your business and generates great phrases pertinent to your business. Check for SEO Agency in London here

This is a great tool where:

A. It opens the window to the alternate set of keywords.

B. Makes you view the website from a totally new angle.

C. Brings out and discusses with you the seed keywords.

D. It gives you the insight on how to address the issues, handling complaints and other questions that could arise.

Google Trends

As the name suggests this is a tool which tells you how a keyword is trending amidst the google search engine and how much is it popular with the masses. It goes back comparing the trends from the data which goes back to almost a decade. The idea is to deliver such a robust set of keywords that take your SEO campaign strategy in the right direction giving you positive results and saves you both time and money.

The advantage of the tool:

A. It keeps a constant check on the SEO keywords and how they are trending.

B. Compares similar keywords and how they are trending.

C. Come up with similar keywords which will suffice the geographical aspects too and provide solutions to any queries that might arise.

D. These could be just a few of the tools to help you in the selection of your Keywords.

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