H-1B Visa Transfer Qualifications & H-1B Visa Transfer Documents

Individuals with H-1B visa status, or previous status, have the ability to transfer to a different employer. The visa holder does not have to receive permission from the former employer for the H-1B visa transfer, though the individual does need to follow non-compete laws or any other contractual agreements the individual might have conceded with the employer.

In order for the H-1B holder to change employers, the new employer is required to submit an H-1B visa transfer petition with the USCIS. The H-1B visa holder cannot file on his/her own behalf. It is important for the individual to not have conducted any unlawful acts in the U.S. or violated his or her status. Otherwise, the petition will most likely be denied. Check for H1B Visa Process in UT Evaluators

H-1B Visa Transfer Qualifications:

A. The individual must start employment on the date indicated on the H-1B transfer petition submitted with USCIS. The individual must be under H-1B status.

B. The individual has the opportunity to start working the day the employer receives the receipt from the USCIS.

C. If the individual has incurred a gap in employment (ceased employment with H-1B employer prior to transfer), it is advised to file premium processing

D. The individual is obligated to provide pay stubs as evidence of employment, however, it is possible to submit other documentation i.e. a letter from H-1B employer or leave of absence letter.

In some instances, it may be difficult to determine whether you adhere to the qualifications. If that’s the case it’s best to contact our H-1B transfer attorney so we can explain the qualifications in depth.

H-1B Visa Transfer Documents:

Like with all immigration actions, there are many documents that must be acquired and filled out comprehensively in order to start the bureaucratic process of transferring your H-1B status to a new job. There are transfer documents required from both you, the H-1B holder, and your employer sponsor. For H1B Visa Evaluation Visit here

H-1B Visa Holder:

A. U.S. visa, I-797, and I-94

B. Resume

C. Paystubs, letter from employer, or leave of absence letter

D. University Degree

E. University Transcript

F. Academic Evaluation

G. Letter of Recommendation

U.S. Employer:

A. Letter of position containing the job title and salary. It must be signed by the employer and H-1B visa holder.

B. An in-depth description of position responsibilities and duties.

C. Marketing material from company

D. Financial statements, annual reports, or business plans

5 Top Features Of An Affordable Phone System For Your Business


A virtual phone system lets you separate your personal and professional calls, but still gives you the flexibility and cost savings of operating your home business using your cell phone if you want. While there are plenty of virtual phone systems out there advertising themselves as the ideal partnership for home-based businesses, there are five key features that will help you identify companies worth your hard-earned dollars.

Whether you are a marketing professional, blogger, writer or consultant, your home business needs a phone system that gives you a level of professionalism – and also, security. Handing out your personal cellphone number to random clients you meet, vendors you chat with, or potential business partners means you are giving out your personal contact information to potential strangers – and no one should have to sacrifice security for business communications.

1. Truly Mobile Ready

With a truly mobile ready app, you will be able to use a tablet or smartphone to access business contacts, make calls, send business texts, receive faxes, join conference calls, share files, check voicemail and in some cases start video meetings. Basically everything you need to conduct business regardless of where you are or where you are going – giving you the power to operate without being tied to a desk.

2. No Contracts

What business owner wants their hands tied? You have enough binding contracts in your business, you don’t need a phone service that is going to tell you how long you have to use them, and when you can leave if you aren’t happy with their service. There are plenty of services out there, like Ring Central and Grasshopper, that don’t constrict their customers with long term contracts or harsh early termination fees.

By not having contracts, you can pick and choose the virtual phone service you need, or up and move to another service provider without facing harsh penalties. A good virtual phone system will also allow you to “port-out” your number to another company. This means you can keep your established phone number if you decide a particular service is not right for you.

3. Call Forwarding

Young Woman working from homeInstead of giving out your personal cellphone to conduct business – and give people the opportunity to contact you whenever they want privately – look for a business phone service that offers call forwarding. Call forwarding will transfer your calls from your home office to your mobile phone, but never let customers or vendors know the number they are being transferred to – or even the fact that they were transferred to another number.

You can further use features like find-me/follow me in conjunction with Call Forwarding to route calls. “Find me” forwards calls either in sequence or at the same time to a list of numbers that you designate. “Follow me” forwards calls to numbers based on a time schedule – so you can adjust where calls go based on your day-to-day activities.

This allows you to conduct business everywhere you go – even if you are at your son’s soccer game or showing your next property. Most importantly, you can filter your calls from personal and professional – so you know just who you are answering to at any particular time.

4. Enhanced Collaboration

With built-in conference calling it is effortless for you and your team members to join conference calls and collaborate with your clients at a moment’s notice. In some cases like RingCentral, you have the ability to connect face-to-face online for real-time file sharing and collaboration even when it’s not practical to meet face-to-face in person.

5. Additional Free Expanded Features

From faxing to call waiting to auto attendant, if you are going to pay for a virtual phone service, shouldn’t you get certain features for free? Believe it or not, there are plenty of phone services out there that don’t offer you any features for free. If you are going to pay for a professional service, do not settle for subpar features. Instead, look for a company that offers you things like:

Call management tools – including call hold, return, forwarding, waiting, three-way calling, etc.

Extensions – including virtual extensions

Auto attendant

Voicemail to email

Professional greetings

Inbound and outbound faxing

How Can SEO Help Your Small Business


As a small business owner, eliminating unnecessary costs is always a priority. Nevertheless, you need to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd and outperform your competitors.For the smaller business, exposure really is everything. Until you have a sufficient customer base to sustain your business, you need to generate word-of-mouth manually. All of which begins by ensuring you appear prominently in the SERP rankings. For Digital Marketing Companies Check Vivid Digital

If you’ve ever asked the above question therefore, the answer is yes – SEO can and will help your small business.

Here are top 5 ways that SEO can help your small business are as follows :

1. SEO is something you can contribute to

Last but not least, SEO is perhaps one of the only advanced digital marketing strategies that any small business owner can contribute to. In fact, there’s nobody better to handle the content side of your SEO campaign than you – the brains behind the brand. Unique, high-quality content that engages visitors lies at the heart of every successful SEO strategy. There’s a complex and technical side to SEO too, but there’s also much to the process you can cover yourself.

2. SEO drives long-term improvements

Unlike most marketing strategies, SEO has the potential to deliver and keep delivering outstanding results long-term. To build and operate an SEO-friendly website is to tap into all the benefits of prominent SERP positioning on an indefinite basis. With the added bonus that most consumers show preference to organic SERP listings, as opposed to those that appear at the top through paid ad campaigns.

3. SEO delivers unbeatable returns

An effective small business SEO strategy has the potential to deliver an ROI that goes far beyond almost any comparable marketing initiative. SEO is all about generating inbound leads, which should represent one of your top priorities as a smaller or newer business. Exposure in the SERP listings attracts more visitors to your website, while your SEO-friendly site does the business for those who find it. Inbound leads, more conversions and better customer retention – all from an affordable investment  through a trusted and reputable SEO company. For SEO Agency in London visit here

4. SEO builds priceless exposure

Research suggests that around 95% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.That’s 95% of everything that happens online, originating from the likes of Google, Bing and the other major players. Irrespective of the size and nature of the business, these are the kinds of figures that cannot be ignored. If you fail to make your mark in the SERP rankings, you’re effectively turning your back on 95% of potential visitors to your website. In most instances, search engine listings are the only way your prospects will find you.

5. SEO helps you build a better website

To create an SEO-friendly website is to create a site that appeals to today’s web user. Google and the other major search engines now priorities everything that matters to your audience. Rich, relevant and regularly updated content,outstanding site performance, simplified navigation, advanced security and soon. By ticking all the boxes with Google and Co., you naturally do the same for your target audience.

Mahindra TUV 300 Facelift Review & Test Drive

Mahindra TUV300 Overview

We did inform you all when Mahindra decided to introduce a more powerful variant of their popular compact SUV because of the complaints they have received from their existing customers about the slow nature of the SUV. So Mahindra decided to launch a more powerful mHawk engine under the hood of the popular TUV300 SUV. This engine is the same unit which also powers their more powerful Nuvosport SUV which is the facelift variant of their Quanto SUV. Unfortunately the mHawk100 unit is available with only the top end T8 and T8 AMT variant. This new engine not only adds more power but it also significantly provides more torque which is available just with a press on the accelerator.


Coming to the Mahindra TUV300 compact SUV, the TUV300 was launched last year in India and it was here to compete with some other competitors of the compact SUV segment like the Ecosport and the recently introduced Maruti Vitara Brezza. The takes its inspiration from the battle tank and promises to provide refinement along with toughness. The TUV300 with the more powerful unit does not get any cosmetic upgrades except the new drivetrain under its hood and thus everything else remains the same except the new drivetrain. View offers on Mahindra Cars from Mahindra dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Mahindra TUV300 Look

The Mahindra TUV300 saw a major design change within the company stable. While the proportions are boxy on the TUV, it still manages to look premium. Despite the tall height at 1839 mm, the automaker has contained the dimensions well under the 4-metre mark without making it look awkward. Mahindra has used the length to its fullest at 3995 mm, while the car is quite wide at 1835 mm and that reflects in the cabin too. The automaker says a battle tank has inspired the styling and the effect is certainly seen on the exterior. The TUV300 looks functional but quite urban as well, taking inspiration from old school British and American SUVs. For the modern day SUV user, the rugged feel is very much intact on the TUV without having to compromise on creature comfort or functionality. The SUV’s vertically stacked front grille is reminiscent of its Mahindra roots, while the squared wheel arches and fog lamp enclosures are elements that stand out.

Mahindra TUV300 Comfort

In terms of updates, there isn’t much to explore if you are familiar with the TUV300’s cabin. The design and layout of the dash remains the same for the Plus which means the not-so-nice materials continue with shiny hard plastics on the centre console and doors. The overall fit and finish leave a lot to be desired, especially if you consider similarly priced vehicles. Materials aside, there is a lot of room up front with plenty of open storage cubbies between the front seats. The seats itself are large and wide and the under thigh support is surprisingly good, too. You also get usable armrests which make long distance driving that little bit more relaxing.

So that’s the good bits. Unfortunately, space at the back is something that’s still a concern. Since the wheelbase remains unchanged, the TUV300 Plus isn’t any better and there is a serious legroom crunch even for average sized adults. We aren’t fans of the cushioning either as it’s too firm for everyday use. As for the jump seats at the back, Mahindra claims you can seat four passengers but that’s simply not possible because of the lack of legroom when either side of the jump seats are occupied. What’s also worth adding is that the latter don’t get seatbelts either because of the confronting layout. When it comes to equipment, the top spec P8 version offers a good mix of features but it’s not exceptionally packed. You get faux leather seats, steering mounted controls, height adjustable driver’s seat, front seat armrest, rear parking sensor and a touchscreen infotainment system with a 4 speaker/2 tweeter setup. While the display looks crisp and reacts well to touch inputs, the audio quality is seriously lacking.

Mahindra TUV300 Gearbox

Under the hood, the Mahindra TUV300 uses a 1.5-litre three-cylinder diesel engine with a two-stage turbocharger that is a heavily reworked version of the one found on the Quanto. The new oil burner has been badged as ‘mHawk’ and is available in two states of tune. The TUV300 was originally launched as the mHawk80 in 2015 with the engine tuned to produce 84 bhp of power at 3750 rpm and 230 Nm of peak torque available between 1500-2250 rpm. On the other hand, the AMT version has power reduced to 81 bhp at 3750 rpm. While the motor was appreciated for its frugal nature, it lacked outright power on open roads. However, in mid-2016, Mahindra decided to improve the power and the subcompact SUV received the new mHawk100 option with the output increased to 100 bhp at 3750 rpm and torque increased to 240 Nm at 1600 rpm. The performance is a lot better on the TUV300 mHawk100 and feels more responsive as well. Both powertrain options come paired to a 5-speed manual transmission as well as a 5-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) unit, co-developed by Mahindra and Ricardo.

Fuel economy on offer stands at 18.49 kms in a litre which is commendable for a SUV. Like other Mahindras, this one too comes with a micro hybrid technology which includes a start-stop function. This feature in turn aides towards enhanced fuel economy. Besides, there is an option for eco mode too, that again enables increased efficiency.

Mahindra TUV300 Rideing

As for the ride and handling, the TUV300 Plus handles just fine around town, with a moderately heavy steering and good composure. At highway speeds, however, the steering feels imprecise and doesn’t give you the confidence to maintain triple digit speeds. The ride quality also gets a little bouncy at the rear end so if you go through a severe undulation at speed, there is a certain amount of dip and rebound. Having said that, if you keep it below the speed limits there is no questioning the incredibly cushy ride no matter how rough the road surface gets. It’s supple yet predictable and much like the Scorpio, manages to smother almost everything in its way. Of course, the lateral movements that are typical of a ladder-frame construction, are still there when you tackle bad roads but all said, there is no stopping this massive, big wheeled vehicle even if the road is riddled with potholes.

Mahindra TUV300 Safety

The TUV300 gets plenty of safety features which comes in the form of a a toughened high strength steel body shell structure, it further gets Dual Airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Corner Brake Control (CBC). The CBC helps the vehicle to stay on its intended path when it is braking while turning. There is also an automatic door locking as well.

Mahindra TUV300 Price in Hyderabad

Mahindra Tuv300 Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 7,99,706/- (TUV300 T4 Plus) to 10,72,195/- (TUV300 T10 100HP AMT Dual Tone). Get best offers for Mahindra Tuv300 from Mahindra Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for TUV300 price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

Mahindra TUV300 Bottomline

Mahindra has come with a boxy SUV which may be liked by many and may not be liked by some, but it has not over-styled it which makes it a winner for us. The space on offer inside the cabin despite confined length is something to learn from Mahindra engineers. Seven-seat option is again viable for large Indian families but does it really allow enough space for the last two passengers seated on the jump seats? Interior quality and styling is good, equipments embedded are ample and even the performance is appreciable. At this price, TUV300 is a complete package.

The Timeline Of The H-1B Cap


It’s no secret, the H-1B visa is one of the most popular visas available. When you look at the relatively simple eligibility requirements, the long duration of stay, and the visa’s portability, it’s easy to see why this is the case. However, one of the major impediments to obtaining this visa is the H-1B cap. In this article, we will discuss why the H-1B has an annual cap, how it works, and what you should do if you are selected.

The H-1B cap is a numerical limit placed on the amount of foreign workers authorized to work in the United States annually under H-1B status. The H-1B cap was created with the Immigration Act of 1990. The act was meant to allow the employment of non-immigrant visa participants by a U.S employer. The cap initiated on October 1, 1991 and had first reached its maximum of 65,000 in 1997. Check for H1B Visa Process in UT Evaluators

In October of 1998, the American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act (AC-21) sought to increase the cap in order to meet U.S. hiring needs. The act was approved and had temporary increased the amount of available H-1B visas from 65,000 to 115,000.

Though the quota was further pushed to 195,000 by the 21st Century Act in 2000 to accompany an even greater demand for workers. However this number did not remain at 195,000, in 2004 the H-1B quota was reorganized back to 65,000 visas available.

The H-1B Visa

In 2004 the cap was reached less than five months after opening date. Ever since then the cap has reached maximum within months after opening. Currently, the H-1B Cap dedicates 6,800 of the 65,000 H-1B1 visas for citizens of Chile and Singapore. This exception exists because Chile and Singapore are listed under the free trade agreement.

Any unused H-1B visas from the Chile and Singapore category are added to the next fiscal year. These H-1B visas are distributed in the first 45 days of the next fiscal year which actually allows for the USCIS to grant more than 65,000 H-1Bs. For H1B Visa Evaluation Visit here

The Master’s Cap

Additionally, anyone who has a master’s degree or higher (advanced degree) in their field will have their petition entered into the master’s cap. This is an addition to the cap of 20,000 slots (essentially bringing the total cap to 85,000 available visas). Petitions will be chosen from among all other petitions for those with advanced degrees.

Any that are not chosen will be re-entered into the regular cap of 65,000 which takes place afterward. Essentially, this means that your petition will have two chances of being selected. This is the only way that you can increase your odds of selection in the H-1B cap.

The three main requirements for the master’s section of the H-1B cap are:

A. You must have received your master’s degree from a U.S. institution

B. That institution must be accredited by a nationally-recognized agency

C. The institution must be either public or non-profit

Keyword Research Tools For Gaining SEO Benefits


This is one of a kind tool which takes the keyword data directly from Google. Though we are all aware Google keeps much of the things to it and has that surprise element to keep everyone guessing, still this tool more or less gives very accurate results. This tool is available free of cost for everyone where it also provides the AdWords search volume for you to make an assessment so as to make a selection of the right keyword for you. Added to this, the tool also provides the metrics on the particular keyword that we select.

Also, through the handy export feature here you get a cluster of keywords which can be further analyzed to judge the suitability for your SEO Campaign Strategy. These can be further analyzed to come to the more specific keywords phrases which can give you SEO benefits in your SEO campaign. For Digital Marketing Agency Check Vivid Digital 

The added advantages of the tool:

A. Exhaustive keyword research.

B. High-level Keywords grouping.

C. Provides feature to export keywords.

D. Makes you think and come up with newer keywords related to your business.

E. Comes with the estimation of a keyword phrase.

F. Comes up with search data targeting from the geographical point of view

Answer the Public

Taking a clue from Google Autosuggest, with the answer the Public tool you can easily come up with innumerable key terms or keywords after studying the search terms that your potential customers or people are using. This is more of a visual keyword research tool where it provides search phrases in terms of questions.

This tool can be helpful in a couple of ways:

A. Motivates you to think about creating new content and gives you ideas for the same.

B. Preempts what your customers must be searching.

C. Gives a visual representation to search terms.

The Reddit Keyword research tool

The Keyword research tool extracts the data and the terms directly from Reddit.

The alternate keyword tool brings out the phrases which will define your business and generates great phrases pertinent to your business. Check for SEO Agency in London here

This is a great tool where:

A. It opens the window to the alternate set of keywords.

B. Makes you view the website from a totally new angle.

C. Brings out and discusses with you the seed keywords.

D. It gives you the insight on how to address the issues, handling complaints and other questions that could arise.

Google Trends

As the name suggests this is a tool which tells you how a keyword is trending amidst the google search engine and how much is it popular with the masses. It goes back comparing the trends from the data which goes back to almost a decade. The idea is to deliver such a robust set of keywords that take your SEO campaign strategy in the right direction giving you positive results and saves you both time and money.

The advantage of the tool:

A. It keeps a constant check on the SEO keywords and how they are trending.

B. Compares similar keywords and how they are trending.

C. Come up with similar keywords which will suffice the geographical aspects too and provide solutions to any queries that might arise.

D. These could be just a few of the tools to help you in the selection of your Keywords.

Nissan Terrano Performance & First Drive

Nissan Terrano Overview

Nissan India has launched the new 2017 Nissan Terrano facelift priced at Rs 9.99 lakh to Rs 14.2 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). It’s been more than three years since the Terrano was launched in October 2013 and had received only one update, when the Terrano Groove Edition was launched. That said last year the Japanese automaker did launch an automated manual transmission.

Nissan has introduced 22 new features with the 2017 Nissan Terrano facelift, and some much-needed features include – the new 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation and voice recognition. Other features comprise of – electrically operable ORVMs, hill climb assist and cruise control. The interior too has been spruced up with a nice black and brown dual-tone colour scheme along with new fabrics or leather upholstery, depending on the variant. The steering wheel has been redesigned and now gets controls for telephony and audio. Thankfully, Nissan has also provided an armrest for the driver in the 2017 Nissan Terrano. The buttons for power windows are now illuminated and the wing mirrors now get integrated indicators. View offers on Nissan Cars from Nissan dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop


Nissan Terrano Look

At first glance a very untrained eye might not notice the Renault Duster that this Nissan is based on. And that’s fair given that almost every body panel on the Terrano is new except for the roof and rear quarter panel. The design seems more grown up and sophisticated when compared with the Duster. The front is what sees the most change with a completely new face that’s very in line with Nissan’s family look. The grille is all new and is a larger, more modern iteration of those three piece affairs we’re used to seeing on SUVs like the Patrol. The headlamps are sleeker and more angular but blend well into the grille.

The bonnet is also completely redesigned and features two lines that flow into the grille. Fresh bumpers make for a smarter housing for the fog lamps while the air dam ends in a bash guard in a similar fashion to the Duster. The exaggerated wheel arches from the Duster remain but the Terrano’s sharper visage reduces the overtly muscled impression you get from the Duster. New 16-inch wheels fill those arches quite well and the Terrano boasts high ground clearance that gives it an imposing look. The side profile is perhaps the most reminiscent of the Duster but even here both doors have been redesigned and they get a new line along the base that gives the side a little more definition. The B and C pillars have been blacked out. The rear also gets a thorough make over with more angular tail lamps that fill in those metal blanks much better than the Dusters lamp’s. It’s nice to see that the Nissan has made the rear lamps fully functional and they aren’t simply dummy plastic pieces added onto the sides. The sharp rear design complements the face well.

Nissan Terrano Comfort

Nissan Terrano comes with an opulent bi-tonal beige-&-black colour scheme for its interiors. The lower variants have premium fabric seat upholstery while the higher variant has leather upholstery. Spacious interiors, a chrome-finished steering wheel along with a stylish gear knob with metallic finish, give the cabin a class-apart look and feel. Terrano’s Nissan heritage grille makes it look tough and rigid, the diamond-cut machined alloy wheels and sporty looking black bezel surround headlamps underscore its visual appeal. Even the combination tail lights are very prominent that adds an elegant touch to the SUV. This hefty SUV is placed in direct competition with the likes of Mahindra Quanto, Ford Ecosport and such other vehicles along with its cousin Renault Duster. The robust braking and suspension mechanism of the Nissan Terrano ensures a comfortable driving experience.

The additional features include rear AC vents, rear parking sensors and leather wraps for steering and the gear-knob. The premium version gets leather seats and wood finish inserts on the doors. The base XE diesel variant gets all black interiors, while the rest of the line-up gets a beige-black combination that makes the cabin look more spacious. On the other hand, only one variant of the Terrano Petrol is on offer – the Terrano XL which has ABS-EBD-Brake Assist, driver side airbag, music system and front fog lamps. The top-end version of the Terrano gets 10-spoke machine-finished petal shaped alloy-wheels which, though luxurious, look odd on the aggressive looking SUV. They are better suited to the Renault Duster which is softer of the two SUVs churned out by the Franco-Japanese consortium, Renault-Nissan.

The interiors of the two SUVs look similar but there are some important features differentiating the them. The quality of interiors is superior in the Terrano and the cabin is more plush. The music system is also different and this one is more ergonomic and user friendly. The OVRM adjustment is positioned under the handbrake lever and is unintelligible. The rest of the equipment list is pretty much the same including the one-step driver height adjust and orange backlight for the instrument cluster. It also gets a rear AC vent that adds to the comfort of passengers, but it is a tad bit noisy increasing the NVH level. The interiors of the Nissan Terrano are opulent with plush seats, abundant leg room along with ample head and shoulder space for all thepassengers. This roomy SUV can house five passengers and provide a luxuriant driving experience. The comfortable seats also have lumbar support, which makes the ride extremely pleasurable. The front and rear knee room are also adequate along with ample elbow room for all the passengers. The quality of interiors is where Terrano races far ahead of Renault Duster. The ambiance oozes opulence and gives a very premium driving experience. The seats are covered with premium leather upholstery for the top-end variants, while the other variants get high-quality fabric upholstery. The centre fascia of top and mid variants is defined with glossy black colour over it, and the remaining variants get a matt black finish. The dashboard comprises of air conditioner vents along with a large and brilliant instrument cluster.

The dual-tone black-&-beige colour scheme takes the posh feel another notch up. Other elements include a leather- wrapped steering wheel, a chrome insert on gear shift knob and front and rear armrests. The door trims have a beige finish and the decorative strip added looks perfect on them. The new Nissan Terrano also has quite a few in-cabin storage spaces such as map pockets, seat back pockets, cup-&-bottle holders in the door as well as between the front seats, a rear centre arm rest with storage and holders also adds to the comfort level offered by this SUV. For the rear passengers, Terrano has a separate two-speed air conditioner with independent control. This SUV has parking sensors to simplify parking in congested areas. Terrano is also equipped with reading lamps to cater to the special needs of the passengers. Entertainment features like Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated 2-Din Audio system with CD, MP3, AM, FM, USB Aux-In, Bluetooth four speakers – 2 front & 2 rear take pleasure another notch up. That apart, Terrano comes with a full size spare wheel, which has been further covered with a similar tubeless radial tyre and placed inside the boot compartment along with other tools required to change the tyre.

Nissan Terrano Gearbox

While things look drastically different, the Duster and Terrano are in fact very similar under the skin. The mechanicals remain untouched which is actually a rather good thing since the Duster is such a well engineered product. Two engines are on offer – the 1.6-litre petrol that makes 104PS and 145 Nm of torque while the 1.5-litre K9K diesel is offered with two output options – 85PS/200Nm or 110PS/248Nm. We got to drive the top end 110PS XV variant. This engine displaces 1461cc and uses a variable geometry turbo to provide a very meaty power delivery. Peak power is developed at 3900rpm while torque peaks at 248Nm at 2250rpm.

The driving feel, as you’d expect is identical to the Duster. Switch on the engine and you get the same characteristic clatter that we’ve gotten used to with the 1.5-litre K9K. However once you shut the doors the Terrano does a great job of cutting out a lot of the noise which gives you a good sense of being isolated from the road. There’s a new steering wheel but it feels very similar to the Duster’s. The clutch retains the same long and springy feel that gets tiring in traffic. Even the gear knob for the 6-speed transmission has the same hard stitching that I disliked in the Duster for the rough feel it has against the skin. Like in the Duster, the engines displays some lag upto about 1300rpm after which you get a strong surge of power all the way upto 4000rpm after which it starts to taper. Shifting at 3000rpm proves more than enough for brisk driving though. In gear drivability is strong and overtakes in 6th gear are possible at highway speeds.

We managed to do a quick performance run and like we expected the Terrano is almost exactly as fast as the Duster with a 0-100kmph time of 12.7 seconds. The top speed lies at a true 172kmph. Likewise the fuel efficiency figures tally as well and we got an impressive highway figure 21.6kmpl on the Terrano as against the 21.9kmpl on the Duster. The difference can be attributed to different traffic conditions and the heavy winds we encountered while testing.

Nissan Terrano Rideing

The Terrano uses independent MacPherson struts and coil springs up front with a torsion beam set up at the rear along with coil springs and an anti roll bar. This suspension set up is exactly what you’d find underpinning the Duster and the Nissan is all the better for it. As soon as you start moving, the Terrano mirrors the Duster’s strongest point – this is one of the best riding cars on the market. Nothing slows a Terrano down and it simply ploughs through whatever poor and broken roads you throw at it. The snazzy new 16-inch wheels but they are wrapped with the same 215/65R16 section MRF Wanderer tyres. The high profile aids in the ability to absorb bumps but they provide good grip. Body roll is quite restrained and the car grips well enough to give you the confidence to push it hard through a winding road. Unfortunately the hydraulic assisted steering also retains the same tendency to snap back when you hit a bump mid corner and that can spring a nasty surprise on you if you’re not expecting it.

Nissan Terrano Safety

Safety features on board include front airbags, front fog lamps, engine immobilizer, central locking, driver seat belt reminder, door ajar warning, rear defogger, reverse parking sensor, three point seat belt with retractor in front and rear, speed sensing auto door lock and impact sensing auto door lock.Exterior styling features like 4-pod design headlamps, body coloured bumpers, antenna, chrome finished grille, body coloured ORVMs & outside door handles, side sill, roof rails and 16 inch machined alloy wheels are on offer. Interiors get option between fabric seat covers and leather upholstery. Chrome is used amply inside lending an upmarket look to the cabin and there is an analogical 3 dial instrument cluster.

Nissan Terrano Price in Hyderabad

Nissan Terrano Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 9,89,472/- (Terrano XL P) to 14,30,011/- (Terrano XV D PRE 110 PS AMT). Get best offers for Nissan Terrano from Nissan Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for Terrano price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

Nissan Terrano Bottomline

But there is no running away from the fact that the Terrano is indeed a rebadged Renault Duster which looks better and boasts better insides with exactly the same mechanicals. However, not considering the price (which is yet to be unveiled) the Nissan definitely seems to be the pick of the two. Handsome looks, decent equipment levels coupled with a fantastic ride and handling package, the Terrano does everything expected from a vehicle in this segment. A 4×4 variant is probably the only thing missing considering how capable the car is and if that is a mandate for your purchase you’re looking at at least a years wait. Leaving the promising start aside, only full test and more importantly the price will determine how the Terrano fares and we are hoping Nissan won’t disappoint.

BMW X1 Hatchback First Drive & Transmission

BMW X1 Overview

The new BMW X1 SUV is based on the UKL platform that allows it to shed 135Kgs. It also gets improved cabin space, thanks to the taller and wider body shell. The all-new BMW X1’s wheelbase has been increased by 90mm, and also sports an 85-litre increase in boot space and a 37mm increase in rear knee room.The new BMW X1 SUV is based on the UKL platform that allows it to shed 135Kgs. It also gets improved cabin space, thanks to the taller and wider body shell. The all-new BMW X1’s wheelbase has been increased by 90mm, and also sports an 85-litre increase in boot space and a 37mm increase in rear knee room. The list of most noticeable design updates on the new BMW X1 comprises larger dimensions, updated LED head and tail-lamp units and a mildly updated form of the company’s signature kidney-shaped 2-part front grille. View offers on BMW Cars from BMW dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop


BMW X1 Look

One of the previous gen BMW X1’s biggest shortcomings was that it simply didn’t look the part of a rugged SUV. But that’s in the past because the new car looks like it belongs to the X family and it appears tough and imposing despite being the youngest sibling. The new X1 has a handsome face with smart wraparound lamps that taper towards a large kidney grille. The trademark twin corona ring lamps ensure the X1 will never be mistaken for anything but a BMW. Full LED headlamps with a cornering function are now standard. The side cuts a similar profile to the BMW X3 but appears a little lower (it’s actually 53mm taller than the old X1) and this gives it a sporty effect. The rear end has twin pipes and a well executed pair of LED lamps that taper in a similar fashion to the headlamps. There’s a also a neatly integrated spoiler that has a smart back trim along the sides.

This car is in the top M Sport trim which means it gets more aggressive bumpers, and black treatment around the windows and on the roof rails. The rear bumper gets a smart looking gloss grey trim but we wonder how this will stand up to attack from road debris and stone chips. The good news is the that the M Sport trim has the same 165mm ground clearance as the other trims. There’s also a cool M style key fob and lovely 18-inch M branded wheels. However, the best feature of the M Sport kit is the segment first head-up display which shows more than just speed, including turn by turn navigation data, audio information and the door open warning.

BMW X1 Comfort

Open the door and get inside and you will be greeted with the typical BMW interior flavour. The neatly sculpted dashboard that houses the instrument cluster as well as the large screen for the iDrive functionality is reminiscent of the BMW 3-Series. Attention has been paid to the ergonomics for center console is tilted slightly towards the driver in order to allow for easy use of all the functions. The X1 is styled for the trendsetting individual and since this is a machine that begs to be driven, rather than being driven in, BMW has taken the pains to ensure that the owner gets a sense of personal control while seated in the cockpit.

The interiors are well appointed with quality seats, numerous storage spaces within the cabin for small knick-knacks and adding to that is the flexibility which includes the rear folding arm rest, the three way rear seat splitting capability (40/20/40) and the fact that the backrest can be tilted up to 31 degrees to increase comfort for rear passengers. Storage space is also great with a 450 liter luggage compartment that can be expanded all the way to a maximum of 1350 liters if the rear seats are folded flat. No doubt it’s as flexible as interiors get, but being a compact vehicle there is a space crunch, especially for rear seat passengers. Having said that, its mainly tall people such as me who would actually find the rear seat too cramped and this point actually is my only grouse with the vehicle. Anyway, I wasn’t’ going to spend my time in the rear seat for this vehicle begs to be driven and the driver’s seat is where all the action is- especially in a BMW.

BMW X1 Gearbox

As with the recently launched facelifted 3 Series, BMW is sticking with a diesel-only approach for the X1 at launch. There’s one engine available and it is the familiar 1,995cc four cylinder turbocharged diesel. However, BMW haven’t simply shoehorned the old motor in. Instead, it’s been worked on to produce more power and torque, now making a total of 190PS at 4,000rpm and 400Nm at 1,750-2,500rpm thanks to revised higher fuel pressures, and redesigned lower weight internals. A similar 8-speed automatic from most BMWs finds its way here and is as smooth and responsive as a vehicle like this could ever need be.

The motor feels familiar with a free revving nature but a rather loud note. Stand next to the car at idle and you’ll be greeted by quite a fair amount of clatter. Fortunately the sound insulation reduces it to a much quieter level in the cabin. There are three driving modes, Eco, Comfort and Performance. These work based on engine mapping and steering weight. Eco mode reduces throttle response and reduces the climate control’s load on the engine. Sport mode deactivates the start-stop function, increases throttle response and generally makes the X1 feel sharper and more reactive. Performance is sprightly and the 0-100kmph time is 8.4 seconds while top speed is a claimed 219kmph. It’s fast but efficient, returning 12.1kmpl in city and 17.9.kmpl on on the highway.

BMW X1 Driving

In terms of ride quality, the X1 is rather comfortable. The suspension set up is typical German and slightly tightly sprung which does allow for a little harshness to seep in, however if you were to compare this with other cars priced around the same league, the X1 is at par in terms of ride quality. In fact I would say it matches some larger sedans such as the current VW Passat.

Where the X1 scores is in the handling department. The vehicle is precise and can be pushed through corners like nobody’s business. It does come fitted with DTC (traction control), but one must remember that the X1 in India is currently only offered as a rear wheel drive vehicle and having said that, it is truly amazing to see how it just grips the road and can make easy game of twisties. The handling set up leans towards the X1’s sporty nature and BMW has managed to achieve this while giving the vehicle a rather high ground clearance of 193mm in order to allow for some fun in the dirt as well! The high ground clearance is actually an attribute to offer a heightened level of freedom to the driver in terms of enjoying the outdoors, however in India, where we have speed breakers the size of small hillocks; this ground clearance really comes in handy. After all, who likes the sound of expensive metal grating against the breaker; which is a common incident with most sedans.

BMW X1 Safety

BMW has provided six airbags across line-up and features like anti-lock-braking system with brake assist, cornering brake control, dynamic stability control, electronic vehicle immobilizer and crash sensor, ISOFIX chid seat mounting and three-point seat belts at all seats are put in place to avert injuries.Exterior features including LED headlamps with LED DRLs, cornering lights, adaptive light distribution, parking lights, fog lamps and LED tail lamps are standard across range. On the inside, X1 packs sliding armrest in front with storage compartment, rear centre armrest with 2 cup holders, velour floor mats, 40:20:40 rear split seats etc.

BMW X1 Cost in Hyderabad

Bmw X1 Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 32,38,475/- (X1 sDrive20d Expedition) to 42,68,403/- (X1 xDrive20d M Sport). Get best offers for Bmw X1 from Bmw Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for X1 price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

BMW X1 Conclusion

On the whole, The X1 has a lot riding in its favour. It’s a BMW, it’s a head turner, it’s powerful and it’s extremely well proportioned to suit the congested environment of our metros. Despite its dimensions, the X1 cocoons you in luxury and also offers you the much needed status proving you have indeed arrived. BMW has managed to price the X1 rather aggressively with the petrol model starting at around Rs. 22 lakh and the diesel models ranging from Rs. 23.5 lakh to Rs. 30 lakh depending on the package. As stated earlier the X1 has also ushered in a new segment, namely the premium compact vehicle segment and by doing so it doesn’t have any direct competitors. However if you were to take on other vehicles strictly from a price point perspective the X1 is all set to march in on the territory of the Honda CR-V, Hyundai Santa Fe, Chevrolet Captiva. These vehicles might be slightly larger than the X1, but the BMW brand tag is bound to be the ultimate temptress.

What Is White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO?

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You may have heard the terms white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Taking its cue from old time Westerns where the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black ones, the difference between white hat vs black hat SEO is the difference between accepted SEO practices, and ones that are seen as less ethical.

White hat SEO includes all the SEO practices we’ve talked about so far which take a long term approach to site optimization and focus on the user experience and what people need.

In contrast, black hat SEO is about trying to take shortcuts and game search engines. Be warned: this rarely works and black hat blog posts and content can get you penalized. For Digital Marketing Services Check Vivid Digital  

Black hat SEO practices to avoid include:

A. Keyword stuffing

B. Thin content

C. Automated comment spam

D. Content scraping

E. Cloaking, hidden text, and doorway pages

F. Sneaky redirects and malicious site behavior

G. Link schemes

Are Google search results personalized?

Sometimes. Google encourages you to login to your Google account and to link it to your Chrome browser. And it also collects your search history. That can result in personalized search results. If you want to avoid this, you can search in an incognito or private window so you get the true picture on SEO. SEO Companies in London visit here

Is search engine optimization dead?

As Mark Twain once said, sorta, the death of SEO has been greatly exaggerated. As you’ve seen, there are some SEO practices that used to work that don’t work any more. But there’s also plenty of information right here in this guide about the SEO practices that work. And we know they work, because we use them too.

How do you get to the top of Google search results?

Here’s the truth – only one site can be number one for a particular keyword, and there’s a lot of competition out there. But optimizing your site can make a difference to which site that is, as rankings fluctuate all the time. Plus, as long as you’re in the top 3, or at least on the first page, you’ve got a chance for people to find and click, which is what you want. If you deliver what they need after the click, that increases your chances of being relevant for future searches for that term.

Why is SEO so important?

If you don’t look after SEO, you can get lost among the trillions of links out there. SEO gives you a shot at ranking for the terms which your customers use, so you can do better business.

Renault Duster Review & First Drive

Renault Duster Overview

Renault originally entered the Indian market in a joint venture with Mahindra in the year 2007 with the Logan (Now the Mahindra Verito). Even with all the experience from the joint venture and data from its sister company Nissan, it failed to create traction with its initial portfolio which included the Fluence, Koleos and Pulse. Renault entered India as a standalone in the year 2011, but continued to see dismal sales figures. The Duster debuted in mid 2012 and turned things around for Renault in India almost overnight. Banking on its success, Renault also added an All-Wheel Drive variant to the lineup. View offers on Renault Cars from Renault dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop


The Duster captured the mini SUV market with its SUV form and compact size. A segment that everyone, right from Hyundai, Ford and even Maruti, now have their eye on.The market has had an onslaught of cross-over SUVs since the Duster broke cover, but the Renault has managed to hold its own. What makes the Duster so desirable as opposed to a full-size SUV’s which boast better off-road capability and could seat 2 more than the mini SUVs? We find out!

Renault Duster Look

The Duster’s basic design will not change much. The robust looks will beth same. The front and rear end will get an all-new treatment. The front will be sleek and look more modern as well. A diamond finish grille continues end to end between the headlamps. The headlamps are wider and look meaner than the current one.LED daytime running lights will also be embedded into them.Scuff plates on the bumper will add a tough look to this SUV. The bonnet is also muscular and endorses the SUV DNA of the Duster. The wing mirrors are all-new and much more sleek now. The wheels arches are flared up in a much better fashion now. Prominent roof rails are seen here and look purposeful. New 16-inch alloy wheels increase the ground clearance as well

The side remain quite similar to look at. There is body cladding that extends to the front fender. The door handles are still not the grab type ones, which is disappointing. This means keyless entry is still not on the cards. The rear of the Renault Duster 2019 loss trendier now. It gets new taillamps similar to the Jeep Renegade. Overall, the New Duster 2019 is more stylish and sleeker.

Renault Duster Comfort

The Duster is nicely spacious and comes with comfortable seats. Visibility all around is also pretty good. The dashboard has always had a pretty simple layout and the number of features was also limited earlier. The 2016 Duster comes with a reworked dashboard that gets a shiny piano black finish on the centre console. You also get new controls for the AC along with automatic climate control. We found the AC to be a not-so-good performer, especially in the afternoons. The Duster gets a new MediaNAV touchscreen infotainment system that is also mated to a rearview camera. The touch feels satisfactorily responsive but the screen itself isn’t that crisp and under bright sunlight, it gets a bit difficult to read. The steering continues to come with similar controls for phone and music but this time around, the centre console gets a bunch of additional switches thanks to the addition of cruise control.

On the door pads, you get the usual silver trims just like the AC vent surrounds while Renault also offers red trims as optional. The red trims do nothing but make the interiors look absolutely gaudy. The front doors come with useful door pockets but the rear doors have no bottle holders. The driver now gets an armrest while there is also another silver trim near the handbrake area. The front has enough cubbyholes for your belongings and the rear seat too gets an armrest with dual cupholders. There is a 12V power socket behind the rear seat on the left side too. The area above the glovebox comes with DUSTER engraved on it while the entire colour scheme of the interiors has been changed to a combination of greyish brown and beige, though we think the older colour scheme looked better.

Renault Duster Gearbox

The new Renault Duster 2019 will get a new 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine. The current 1.5-litre diesel engine will continue to do duty. A six-speed manual transmission and AMT will continue to be offered as well. The petrol version will be priced aggressively and Will try and compete with other petrol counterparts. The small capacity engine will attract excise benefits as well. The diesel engine will get some tweaks. An AWD version will also be offered in the Duster 2019. The new petrol engine is expected to get a six-speed manual and AMT as well.

The new Duster will be built on a new platform, but for India, it will continue to use the B0 platform that underpins the current Duster. This platform is a robust one and well-suited for our country. The Renault Captur is also built on the same platform, hence it will save costs for the company. It will also help in pricing the new Duster competitively. The new Duster will get an upgraded diesel engine and also a new 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine, most likely. Fuel efficiency is expected to improve this time, both in petrol and diesel versions.The diesel will be the 1.5-litre version that will churn about 108 bhp of power and will be more fuel efficient. The petrol is likely to return about 13km/l overall and the diesel will return 19 km/l in real driving conditions.

Renault Duster Rideing

Ride quality on the Renault Duster is fantastic and the SUV has no qualms in tackling bad roads. It can counter whatever is thrown at it and with much ease. The AMT trim comes with MRF tyres while the AWD variant gets much better Apollo rubber. We found the ride quality on the Duster AWD much better because it comes with independent suspension. Handling is also fun and the steering provides good feedback too. The Duster feels very chuckable and is properly fun to drive. Brakes are pretty good too and they don’t disappoint at all. The AWD system itself is quite capable and the Duster can surely take you places!

Renault Duster Safety

Talking about safety, the 2016 Renault Duster comes with dual front airbags and ABS. The AMT transmission also gets features like Hill Hold and ESP. There is also a traction control system on offer which does its job pretty well should you decide to have some fun around the twisties. In terms of after-sales service, Renault does have a not-so-good network and it just doesn’t match the quality levels of Hyundai for that matter.

Renault Duster Price in Hyderabad

Renault Duster Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 8,49,299/- (Duster RxE Petrol) to 13,66,968/- (Duster RxZ Diesel 110PS 4×2 MT). Get best offers for Renault Duster from Renault Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for Duster price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

Renault Duster Bottomline

The Duster stands as our favorite as it ticks two boxes. One, it’s a capable highway vehicle. Two, it’s a capable off-roader. Obviously, it won’t climb rocks like the Thar, but soft off-roading is fun in the AWD Duster. While the Creta is a looker it lacks out on the 4×4 option.If you want the best of both worlds, the Duster AWD is your best bet!

Bottom line, pick up the Thar if you want a pure off-roader. A Creta if you want the comfort of a premium hatch but the feel of an SUV. If you want the best of both worlds, the Duster AWD is your best bet! You could also get your hands on the regular/Explore editions of the Duster to skip the waiting time of the Creta and get a good deal before the revamped version make their way to the showroom.For all we know, the updated Duster could shake this space up even further! We’ll keep you updated as soon as it gets here.